17 October 2023

SecurityGen earns telecom security accolades from Kaleido Intelligence

Mobile telecoms security provider SecurityGen achieves “Champion” status for its signalling firewall security solution and “High Flyer” status for its fraud management solution in new report by telecoms and fintech research firm Kaleido Intelligence
London, UK - 17 October 2023SecurityGen, the global provider of security solutions and services for the telecoms industry, has scored highly in the new 2023 Roaming Vendor Hub report from specialist telecoms and fintech consulting and research firm Kaleido Intelligence.

SecurityGen’s cross-protocol signalling firewall solution, the Next Generation Signalling Firewall (NGFW) Platform, achieved top-ranking “Champion” status in the report’s “Signalling firewall security” category. In addition - and for the second year running – SecurityGen’s IDP (Inspection, Detection, Protection) Platform achieved “High Flyer” in the “Fraud management” category.

Kaleido’s analysts assessed over 50 vendors and their solutions for eight different categories according to a range of criteria, including product capabilities: industry presence: innovation roadmap: plus the ability to meet MNO and MVNOs’ needs and requirements.

“Champion” vendors achieved a score of 12 or more from Kaleido analysts, demonstrating an outstanding industry offering. Vendors that achieved “High Flyer” status scored between 10 and 11.9, and demonstrated a highly regarded and comprehensive solution offering.

Commenting on the report, Nitin Bhas, Chief of Strategy & Insights at Kaleido Intelligence, said, “SecurityGen’s Champion Vendor assessment for Signalling Security & Firewall, combined with its High Flyer Vendor assessment for Fraud Management, clearly demonstrate the highly comprehensive and indeed market leading offerings the company is striving to deliver, to enable proactive security posture for MNOs.”

SecurityGen’s Next Generation Signalling Firewall (NGFW) platform, combines comprehensive visibility, with intelligence and high-powered analytics to protect the 5G and LTE network ecosystem. SecurityGen Signalling Firewalls cover both FW and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) functionalities and can monitor diverse telecom protocols, including SS7, Diameter, and GTP. It offers unmatched visibility and potent analytics, by scanning and analysing incoming network traffic for malicious attack patterns, and network and subscriber data as well. Further the signalling firewall solution can simultaneously analyse SS7, Diameter, and GTP traffic to detect cross-protocol attacks - thus ensuring enhanced protection.

The SecurityGen IDP Platform comprises its AI-enabled Artificial Cybersecurity Expert (ACE) breach and attack simulation platform: its Intrusion Detection System (IDS) platform: together with the NGFW platform. The combined platform provides comprehensive protection for mobile operators against existing and advanced network security threats from the expanded 5G ecosystem. It assesses, detects and actively prevents attacks on operators via International or National Roaming interconnection across Voice calls, SMS, Internet, A2P SMS grey route detection, billing bypass, location and other data disclosure, such as DoS of network and subscribers. In essence the IDP Platform helps ensure a proactive security approach.

Commenting on the recognition of SecurityGen in this year’s Kaleido analysis, SecurityGen co-founder and CTO Dmitry Kurbatov said, “We’re very pleased to once again be recognised by the expert panel of analysts at Kaleido Intelligence for the advanced features and capabilities of our telecom security solutions. SecurityGen’s approach combines the latest research into new and emerging cyber-threats with tried and tested, future-ready telecom security solutions that enable mobile operators to secure and protect both their networks and their customers – including as they make the transition to new and advanced 5G networks and services.”

Kaleido’s Roaming Vendor Hub report research analysed more than 50 leading vendors. The report includes an in-depth assessment of the service offerings and updated Kaleido Scores for each companies across eight different product categories:

  • Steering of roaming
  • Sponsored roaming
  • Roaming hubs
  • IPX
  • Data and financial clearing
  • Roaming analytics and value added services
  • Fraud management and security
  • (New for 2023) Signalling firewall security

About Kaleido Intelligence
Kaleido Intelligence is a specialist consulting and market research firm with a proven track record, delivering telecom research at the highest level. Kaleido Intelligence is the only research company addressing mobile roaming in its entirety, covering:

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About SecurityGen
Founded in 2022, SecurityGen is a global company focused on telecom security. We deliver a solid security foundation to drive secure telecom digital transformations and ensure safe and robust network operations. Our extensive product and service portfolio provides complete protection against existing and advanced telecom security threats.
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