ACE - Breach and Attack Simulation Platform for telecom

The confluence of telecom network towards a digital future is proving to be a serious security challenge, as a breach in a network if not detected on time, can wreak widespread damage. Regular security assessments require a round the clock team of specific highly skilled professionals making it a very expensive proposition.

But come 2022 this will all change…

SecurityGen has developed an Artificial Cybersecurity Expert platform or the ACE platform . ACE is the first AI-enabled breach and attack simulation platform in the telecom cybersecurity space. It automates the entire process of inspection, detection by giving network owners continuous, efficient 24x7 protection and saving millions of dollars.

The inbuilt AI module enables ACE to constantly learn, enhance performance, and incorporate real-life scenarios and attack vectors from the field, thus strengthening the network security posture.

The image showcases a futuristic digital hand pointing at a glowing AI chip.

How ACE, our breach and attack (BAS) platform provides enhanced security

Combining inspection with detection protection modules

ACE natively integrates with the 5G-ready Next-Generation Signalling Protection Platform (NGFW). This synergy of ACE and NGFW imparts enhanced security coverage by combining the inspect module with the detect and protect one.

ACE continuously reports the results of security assessments that help to cross-validate and check if signalling protection is ready and up-to-date. With ACE being available 24x7, security teams can now continuously keep a keen watch on the security posture without incurring additional expenses.

How our breach and attack simulation platform (ACE) can help security

ACE is a SaaS platform that boasts of a rapid set-up support, zero maintenance costs, and 24x7 availability. It works remotely and can be installed inside verified systems, with zero ‘agents’ and NO additional software or reconfiguration requirements.

Ensure Safe Configuration

ACE breach and attack simulation solutions ensures that mobile network operators can proactively assess and safeguard against possible vulnerabilities even after network changes The system helps to evaluate and make sure that adequate security countermeasures are in place and provides valuable information in case network security levels are lowered.

Compliance Report By Click

ACE supports Communication Service Providers with all kinds of reporting, be it GSMA compliance, fraud checks, network outage attacks, and much more, which they can send to regulators at just the click of a button.

Assure 2-Factor Authentication Protection - SMS

There is increasing concern today among banks, crypto-wallets, and online payment platforms about the inability of Communication Service Providers to withstand fraudulent SMS interception.

ACE ensures customer security by performing comprehensive checks to keep SMS data content thefts at bay.

Check Effectiveness of Your Border Security Measures

With rapid developments in digital technology, setting up a firewall and implementing security configurations is not enough to ensure network security and integrity.

ACE empowers Communication Service Providers with the ability to conduct proactive inspections of the network for all known threats and offers a wide-ranging set of bypass techniques to ensure heightened security.

ACE security benefits can be availed by -

  • Choosing service options and schedules
  • Signing a contract and providing test subscriber data
  • Receiving first results via email