Mastering 4G/5G Telecom Threat Intelligence
How many ways are there to hack 5G? At least 86…

This is the number of adversaries' techniques according to MITRE's 5G Hierarchy of Threats (FiGHT). Now add attack vectors relevant to LTE, append vulnerabilities of legacy 2G/3G networks, and don't forget about the IT technologies utilized within telecom infrastructure – and you will see a huge and always increasing threat landscape. Too much, one might say.
Therefore, it is crucial to act smartly and prioritize security actions. Knowledge and intelligence are what help in this regard. In this webinar dedicated to Telecom Threat Intelligence, we will:
  • Explain what the telecom threat landscape is and how MITRE FiGHT assists in prioritization and planning of security activities.

  • Review incident investigation with combined phishing, OTP SMS interception, and bank account takeover.

  • Deep dive into initial access, execution, and impact of an attack on 5G SA core resulting in Denial of Service.

  • Learn the ways to anticipate attack, monitor and promptly break the kill chain in telecom infrastructures.

Last year we conducted 120+ offensive security audits for telecoms, and we have multiple threat detection systems installed across the globe. This, combined with continuous security research, makes us confident in our understanding of how adversaries hack telecoms, and how to implement efficient threat informed defence. And we are here to share this knowledge with you.
So please, book some time and join us for this webinar.

If you're busy, we will record it for you too, but we will miss your live participation.

Save the Date:Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024, 14:00 to 15:00 CET

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Igor Pigalitsyn
Telecom Security Researcher
Sergey Puzankov
Product Delivery Manager
Sergey Puzankov
Product Delivery Manager

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