November 1st-3rd, 2023

CEC Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ekoparty is a technical security conference born in 2001 in Buenos Aires. +10,000 guests, multiple tracks, workshops, trainings + Mobile networks are ever-evolving, with #5G on the horizon. However, the most widely used mobile technology remains #LTE, often accompanied by #VoLTE for voice communications. VoLTE, built on the IMS core, is becoming the standard for voice communication on #4G/5G networks.

Traditionally, VoLTE was perceived as highly secure, given IMS's presumed isolation from the public networks. But the latest research by SecurityGen however, uncovers a startling reality: not only can intruders target VoLTE subscribers, but they can also seize control of the entire network. Once the VoLTE network is hijacked, intruders can provide their own mobile services using the LTE radio coverage of the victim mobile operator. Unlike attacks on signalling protocols such as SS7, Diamter, and GTP, this VoLTE hack doesn't necessitate costly connections to IPX/GRX providers. All it takes is a computer with open-source software and an LTE dongle, which costs no more than $50.

Pavel Novikov, Head of Telecom Security Research, SecurityGen will be presenting his research on VoLTE hacking at the Ekoparty Security Conference in Argentina.

In his presentation, - 'How to hijack a VoLTE network', Pavel Novikov will discuss:

  1. How intruders gain access to the IMS network, enabling them to obtain information about VoLTE subscribers and access their mobile devices.

  2. Upon gaining this access, intruders can deploy open-source IMS core software to provide voice call services, bypassing the operator's IMS core and billing system.

  3. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into the vulnerabilities of VoLTE networks and the potential risks they pose. Join us at the EKO Party Security Conference to delve into the details of this eye-opening research.

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