Oct 18, 2022 to Oct 20, 2022

RAI, Amsterdam

SecurityGen is a Track sponsor at this year’s Network X, 5G World event scheduled for 18 – 20 October 2022 at the RAI, Amsterdam. We are excited to engage with industry leaders and partners at the event to discuss the latest and greatest innovations shaping the telecom security domain.

SecurityGen leadership will present the learnings from our 5G projects in our session titled - 5G Cyber-resilience in heterogeneous deployments and singularities on Oct 18, 2022. We look forward to meeting you at the event and discussing our unique, comprehensive IDP-based approach to telecom security. And showcasing our 5G learnings and perspective spanning – the ecosystem, the vulnerabilities, and the ways to ensure secure 5G rollouts.

We invite you to meet our experts on telecom security booth #28, and join us at the presentation titled:

5G Cyber-resilience in heterogeneous deployments and singularities

New technologies not only bring benefits but new challenges too, which are far more complex in nature. The IT stack as an overall concept and massive cloud deployments introduces many more points of attention and an enormous surface to be analysed. The big debate: Whether 5G is secure as state-of-the-art? This session will be a walk-through of the significant challenges & weaknesses, point of analysis, and mitigation strategies for 5G:

  1. 5G standards and structural challenges

  2. Is 5G hackable? The research outcomes and fundamental flaws

  3. How to secure a distributed network core that uses shared clouds and fogs for many of its features

  4. Private Networks- can we grant acceptable security levels for small MNOs and MVNOs?

  5. Efficient, reasonable, and transparent cybersecurity that fits business needs and satisfies market demand

  6. Securing a disruptive 5G use case