June 27th, 2023

Hotel Palace Berlin

The CC-Enterprise Summit 2023 in Berlin will bring together different stakeholders such as Telcos, ICT and Enterprises to get together, discuss and share intelligence - trends, best practices, business models, technological solutions and deployment that help Enterprises to implement seamlessly, successful and profitable digital transformation strategies. The Summit will address industry relevant latest topics and trends related to digital transformation as well as security, IoT, Cloud Data, 5G and other intertwined topics.

Milan Březina, Head of Delivery and Operations at SecurityGen, will be participating in the executive roundtable panel discussion on the topic: 'Enterprise 5G/6G & Cybersecurity at the Forefront' at the Carrier Community Enterprise Summit 2023 in Berlin. He will join Max Röttgermann, Deutsche Telekom, Igor Skutsenya, LANCK Telecom, and AvidThink's Roy Chua in person or virtually at Carrier Community's CC-Enterprise Summit 2023 next week (27 June) in Berlin as they discuss enterprise #5G/#6G &#Cybersecurity at the forefront session moderated by Alessandro Forcina (Moderator)

Discussion Points

  1. Winning solutions (fixed and mobile) for Enterprises in a continuously challenging landscape both for connectivity and cybersecurity

  2. How Enterprises can defend their infrastructures and services today and tomorrow?

  3. Which role 5G/6G can play in private and public networks by using capabilities such as edge computing?

  4. The role of strategic partnerships: stakeholders to be involved and advantages to be achieved

  5. How will the move to DC / Edge shape the future of networks to enable new 5G/6G-powered services?

  6. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from the best in the field! Mark your calendars and make sure to be a part of this insightful discussion.