May 24th – 25th 2023

Lisbon, Portugal

This event, organised by ROCCO, a renowned industry research, strategy and training body, is an annual Roaming and Interconnect innovation forum in Lisbon, Portugal, this year. ROCCO Genesis is designed to bring three perspectives on our industry's challenges. One day is dedicated to idea generation, a day for strategic review featuring all the insights from our research and a training day featuring all our guidance and knowledge of the industry. This event will have following segments: Telcoboost tracks, The Innovators, Genesis Hackathon, Lion’s Den, Visionaries Gala

The Innovators 2023

A research initiative conducted by ROCCO to identify and provide visibility to the most innovative solutions from Vendors and MNOs in our industry. This initiative creates a much-needed space for awareness of what’s happening industry-wide. The process to discover The Innovators begins in Feb 2023 with a Showcase and concludes with The Lions Den and Visionaries Gala.

After being shortlisted by ROCCO in The Innovators 2023, SecurityGen will showcase their innovative 5G Cyber-security Lab solution to the panel of Lion's on May 24, 2023

  1. Solution: SecurityGen: 5G Cyber-security Lab

  2. Day: May 24, 2023

  3. Time: 16.00 - 16.30

  4. Presenter: Dmitry Kurbatov, CTO SecurityGen

  5. Join us and support us at the showcase.

  6. To watch the solution video: