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Who We Are

Founded in 2022, by thought leaders and pioneers with decades of experience in network security, SecurityGen is a global cybersecurity startup firm focused on telecom security. We at SecurityGen, understand that while network owners must and will use technology to deliver value, they must be able to do so without compromising network security and trust. With this aim in mind, the SecurityGen team leverages its deep and broad telecom cybersecurity expertise, robust product portfolio, and global advisory experience to help organisations drive secure and resilient mobile transformations, with a focus on 5G network.

Our Mission

Empower organisations To Drive Technology Transformations - based on Trust and Security

In the age of 5G and IoT,network owners must deal with several potential vulnerabilities within their network, and that’s why a passive or defensive approach to network security won't cut it. At SecurityGen, we are on a mission to help network owners stay ahead of threats by delivering a solid security foundation to drive secure Telco digital transformations and ensure next-gen enterprise intelligent connectivity.

Our Core

Empowering Secure Connectivity. Our Promise. Our Passion

We believe in leading the industry by offering robust telecom security products and solutions. Our dedicated research team’s findings from their continual security investigations and analysis of telecom network vulnerabilities form the knowledge base of our context-aware products and solution offerings.

Covers every aspect of telecom, including the RAN, core, and all interconnections - assessing network, mitigating potential cyber flaws, and boosting subscriber trust and revenue.

We are obsessed and dedicated to telecom cyber security. Our founding team comprises global visionary leaders, security experts, and research analysts who have been pioneers in the telecom security domain – from identifying telco vulnerabilities (SS7) to leading telco research (5G) and developing world-class products and solutions across various generations of telecom evolution

With presence across Europe (UK, Italy, Czech Republic), Asia (India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico), Middle East, along with global R&D centres

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