While the 5G developments are making rapid strides, the new technologies and virtualised cloud-based networks are also bringing new challenges. How do you ensure secure transformation if MNOs need to get to market quicker and provide a fast and best customer experience? The answer is fairly simple: You must test and validate solutions to ensure a safe and secure rollout of 5G use cases.

But with the lack of an actual 5G environment, how do you ensure secure transformations from legacy to 5G. With deep experience in telecom security, SecurityGen has developed 5G Cyber-security Lab to

  • Help MNO security teams better understand how 5G works.
  • Define accurate list of security requirements.
  • Prove efficient ways to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Test new systems for security issues and many more.
5G Mobile Network

SecurityGen 5G Cyber-security Lab

With our deep expertise in telecom security, we have designed this lab focused on providing the MNO security teams with a simple, cost-effective and security-focused 5G cyber-security lab that would be a perfect set-up for the telco security teams to test, understand, and better prepare and protect against the security vulnerabilities associated with 5G - ahead of the actual rollout.

  • Telco 5G security-focused – deep-dive, identify vulnerabilities, verify new attack techniques

  • Helps the security team stay ahead – understanding, practising and testing issues, exploits

  • Built using our know-how how in making such an environment

  • Comprise of all essential pieces of 5G

  • SBA Core Elements – AMF, SMF, UPF, NRF, AUSF, UDM, UDR, PCF, NSSF

  • Highly customizable for vertical use cases and dedicated networks

  • Extensive support for multi-slice environments

  • Support of network slicing

How 5G Cyber-security Lab can help?

  • A better understanding of 5G network

  • Deep understanding of 5G security

  • The same level of preparedness as the Network team

  • These real experiments and tests will empower the security teams to push their initiatives/agendas

  • Quick verification of newly published attacks, take decision about impact without impacting real network real customers and real business

  • Helps MNO teams identify what and how they need to protect

  • Facilitates MNO teams in finalising what to request from 3rd parties