5G Security Services

5G Security Solutions

Connectivity is undergoing an evolutionary change with the emergence of 5G network. Even as Mobile Network Operators’ (MNOs) focus on building higher network density, adding spectrum and upgrading active equipment - data security continues to be of major concern. While higher encryption levels in the 5G network adds security, it does not offer protection against hackers who could try and break into the system through unsecured endpoint devices. Addressing known vulnerabilities and adding new security elements is of vital importance now.

Our 5G Security Program is specially designed to help MNOs reinforce their security strategy and offers comprehensive guidelines for maintaining reliability and resiliency of 5G SA/NSA network and services.

Our 5G Security Program

  • Business impact evaluation of threats
  • Clear, actionable recommendations for ongoing 5G security strategy based on comprehensive assessments
  • Guidance for immediate remediation of critical weaknesses and       vulnerabilities
  • Security assurance for a range of service offerings
  • Verification of compliance with industry recommendations where        applicable

End-to-End Security

By design, telecom network have a large attack surface. End-to-end security will be crucial for MNOs as they face challenges emerging in a multi-domain ecosystem such as 5G. As part of the 5G Security Program, we scan and test all telecom infrastructure domains.

5G SA/NSA Core Security Assessment

Comprehensive security audit for signalling systems like SS7, Diameter, GTP, HTTP/2 and PFCP threats: roaming and inbound traffic analysis.

5G New Radio Security Assessment

RAN security assessment.

Integrations Security Health Check

Deep-screening of telecom inter-connections.

Fraud Risk Assessment

Extensive checks to evaluate network vulnerabilities against various fraud scenarios.

Compliance Checks

Ensure compliance with all required GSMA guidelines.